Department of Plant Pests

Department of Plant Pests is located in Zemun, in Belgrade district, with stuff consisted of 6 researchers and 2 technical assistants.

Main fields of research are:

  • biology, ecology, population genetics and phylogeny of phytophagous insects
  • investigation of insects as potential agents in biological control of invasive weeds and plant pests
  • molecular detection of phytoplasma, etiology and epidemiological cycle
  • vector role of insects in transmission of phytoplasma-associated plant diseases
  • surveillance of quarantine and economically important plant pests and phytoplasmas in agroecosystems in Serbia
  • biological efficacy and economical aspects of insecticides use
  • development of strategy for Integrated pest management

Department of Plant Pests is consisted of two laboratories:

  • Laboratory for applied entomology
  • Laboratory for molecular diagnostics



Researchers from Department of Plant Pests participated in over 12 national projects financed by Ministry of science or Ministry of Agriculture, forestrz and water management of Republic of Serbia, whereas, economically the most important are:



  1. Study of etiology, epidemiology and control measures of maize redness – new disease of corn in Serbia.
  2. Study and control of Scaphoideus titanus vector of grapevine yellows phytoplasma Flavescence dorée.
  3. Grapevine yellows – epidemiology, distribution and control measures.
  4. Surveillance of grapevine yellows epidemics in vineyards of Serbia.
  5. Fauna Auchenorrhyncha (Hemiptera) and their role in epidemiological cycle of phytoplasma associated diseases of grapevine in Serbia.
  6. Program for education of young scientists in applying molecular tools in research process.
  7. Establisment and verification of operating procedures for quarantine phytoplasmas in association with grapevine.

International collaboration:

  1. Investigations on potential biological control agents of Dalmatian and Yellow toadflaxes, Linaria dalmatica and L. vulgaris", sponsored by Wyoming Weed and Pest Council Biological Control Steering Committee, USDA-APHIS National Biological Control Institute and Agriculture and AgriFood Canada.
  2. Bilateral cooperation between Serbia and Italy in solving epidemics of grapevine yellows Flavescence dorée in vineyards in Serbia. Financed by Ministry of Agriculture of Serbia and Italy.
  3. Landscape and regional context of insect agrobiodiversity in Southeastern Europe: a pilot survey of selected hemipteran pests, their parasitoids andpredators, and bee pollinator diversity" Projekat Evropske Unije: SEE-ERA.NET Pilot Joint Call No. 9608
  4. Global epidemiology of phytoplasma diseases of economic importance in Southeast Europe" SEE-ERA.NET Pilot Joint Call No. 10724.
  5. Host specialization of aphid parasitoids – SCOPES SwissNational Science Foundation IZ73Z0_1 28174.
  6. Study of potential vectors of stolbur phytoplasma in potato and corn - Serbian Hungarian S&T joint projects.
  7. Grapevine phytoplasma diseases. Evaluation of the risk of the wild reservoir and study of the co-adaptation phytoplasma/insect vector - Serbian –French technology co-operation "Pavle Savić"

Employees in Department of Plant Pests:

Head of Department
Dr Jelena Jović
Senior Research associate

+381 62 88 08 926
Deputy Head of Department
Dr Tatjana Cvrković
Research associate, entomologist

+381 62 88 08 925

Dr  Milana Mitrović
Senior Research associate, entomologist

+381 62 88 08 924

Dr Ivo Toševski
Research associate, entomologist

+ 381 62 88 08 909

Dr  Ivan Sivčev
Research associate, entomologist

+381 62 88 08 948
dipl. biol. Oliver Krstić
Research associate, entomologist

+ 381 62 88 08 905

dipl. ing. Lazar Sivčev
Research associate, entomologist

+ 381 62 88 08 913

dipl. biol. Andrea Kosovac
Research Associate, entomologist

+ 381 62 88 08 914

master biol. Miljana Jakovljević
Research Associate, entomologist

+ 381 62 88 08 939

master biol. Slavica Marinković
Research Associate, entomologist
Radovan Radulović
Technical assisstant
+381 62 88 08 949
Slobodan Tukelić 
Technical assisstant
+381 62 88 08 950